Revue de presse # 10 – Semaine du 18 au 24 mars 2014


Somaliland’s bright young photographers – an interview with Mustafe, Proexposure, le 18 mars 2014 ;

An Inside View of Arab Photography, par James Estrin, Lens – The New York Times, le 18 mars 2014 ;

Zanele Muholi’s new work mourns and celebrates South African queer lives, par Ang Lloyd, Africa is a Country, le 20 mars 2014 ;

“Muholi sees her image-making as not only an act of activism, but also as archive creation. She says that the reason she specifically documents the black gay, lesbian and transgender community is to contest its so-called ‘un-Africanness’: “We live in a time when we don’t know what is African anymore – who is African and who decides what is African? We, as black communities, have not had our histories documented properly.””

Cedric Nunn: Gazing at the South African landscape to reconnect the present with its history, Leica Camera Blog, le 20 mars 2014 ;

“The central theme of my project was land: land was desired and land was defended. Both sides, people didn’t give up: they stayed and continue, for one hundred years, to try to be victorious or to defend it as much as they could, because they saw virtues in the land.

So I began to think that the public should find beauty in my images, because that’s why the land was contested for so long.”

Rijasolo: la nocturne malgache ou le retour à la terre natale, par Tirthankar Chanda, RFI, le 21 mars 2014 ;


Autour de l’exposition “Rwanda in Photographs: Death Then, Life Now” (King’s College, Londres, du 21 mars au 30 avril 2014) dont le texte de présentation explique : “Photographs by Rwandan artists are yet to be circulated widely among international networks. Now, two decades after the events that brought this small East-African country onto the front pages of our newspapers, we are redressing this. By listening to Rwandan narratives and viewing Rwanda through Rwandan images we come a step closer to understanding the scale and scope of the country’s journey.” :

Rwanda exhibition’s extraordinary ordinariness, par Daniel Nelson, OneWorld, le 20 mars 2014 ;

Rwanda, 20 years later, par Hannah McGivern, The Art Newspaper, le 20 mars 2014 ;

‘Death Then, Life Now’: Intimate images capture the new Rwanda, par Teo Kermeliotis, CNN, le 21 mars 2014 ;

LONDON-ART: Rwandan photographers showcase work 20 years after genocide, VoxAfrica, le 21 mars 2014 ;


L’œuvre d’une vie, par Marion Quillard, 6 Mois, le 21 mars 2014 ;

(A propos du livre My piece of sky de la photographe Mariella Furrer sur la pédophilie en Afrique du Sud)


– A conversation with Sagal Jibril about loving Somalia, Addis Rumble, le 20 mars 2014 ;

“What I think is missing from this emerging arts and cultural sector is photographic interpretations of life in Mogadishu, a new generation of young artists and collaboration between Mogadishu artist and Somali artists in the diaspora.”

Prêt-À-Poundo: Vogue Italia Does Blackface, Again, Okayafrica, sans date ;

“Obviously, regardless of wether (sic) it was a white or black model, Vogue Italia’s editorial would still be highly offensive. The grotesque faces, exaggerate arched backs, lower lips pulled to the side, amongst other questionable artistic choices looks like 19th century colonialist caricatures.”

Afrique : “Notre offre artistique est immense…”. Entretien avec Yacouba Konaté, Le Point, le 20 mars 2014 ;

Dans ce dossier spécial Afrique du Point (n˚2166, 20 mars 2014) qui lance ces jours-ci un site spécifique sur l’Afrique :, à lire l’article de Valérie Marin la Meslée, “Bougez, bougez !”, pp. 129-132, qui nous apprend, entre autres, que Bisi Silva sera la prochaine commissaires des Rencontres de Bamako.

Lien complémentaire à l’article de Valérie Marin la Meslée : L’Afrique de l’art : des lieux, des dates, Le Point, 20 mars 2014.

– Les résultats de la 4ème édition du concours de “L’œil de Sikasso” (fruit d’un partenariat entre la Direction régionale de la culture de Sikasso, l’Association des photographes de Sikasso, l’agglomération d’Aubagne, Com’étiK diffusion) sur la thématique de l’enfance. Concours photographique destiné aux photographes de Sikasso (Mali, Afrique) pour promouvoir la photographie.


Oltre l’apartheid, Internazionale, sans date ;

(Images extraites de l’exposition “Apartheid & After” présentée au musée Huis Marseille d’Amsterdam, du 15 mars au 8 juin 2014)


Congotales, by Giampaolo Musumeci ;

“Congotales is a new project of storytelling. Here, you will explore some of the most impressive stories from Kivu, in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Images, sound and data will immerse you in the complexity of the region, where largess, armed groups, foreign powers, and the ineffectiveness of the government, have shaped this enigmatic region over the last twenty years.”


– Lancement de l’Arab Documentary Photography Programme, un projet de l’Arab Fund for Art and Culture et du Prince Claus Fund, en partenariat avec la Magnum Foundation ;

Dont le dossier de presse relate : “Documentary photography sheds light on important neglected and unknown narratives. However, in the Arab world it remains an under-developed genre. With most current visual production going to journalistic mass-media outlets, there is little opportunity for documentary photographers to explore creative, personal, long-term, and analytical approaches to their work. Additionally, there is little access to the needed resources and adequate professional support to initiate and complete compelling documentary photography projects.”

Timeline of the 2014 call : Call closing: 15 April 2014 / Announcement of grantees: 15 June 2014 / First Workshop: 21 July 2014 / Second Workshop: 15 January 2015

Appel à participations pour le projet d’exposition “Sichtwechsel: Stadtbilder aus Afrika” (“Missing images: Cityscapes from Africa”) présenté en Allemagne ;

“In German media African countries are mainly shown as underdeveloped, poor and rural. With the presentation of 5 African cities Lagos, Addis Abeba, Gaborone, Kigali and Kinshasa as an example for the continent we want to show another face of “Africa” compared to what is told in our mainstream media. We want to show that “Africa” is more than poverty, AIDS and Big Five safaris. Our aim is to encourage people in Germany to rethink their view of Africa by getting to know many different stories about the five African cities – amongst others your story about your city! If you are from Lagos, Addis Abeba, Gaborone, Kigali or Kinshasa don’t hesitate: Take your phone, camera, pen & paper – whatever! Send us your view of your city – we are looking forward to your contributions!”

Date limite pour l’envoi : 31 mars 2014

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