Social Dynamics’ latest issue on African Photographies: free access until June


The Social Dynamics special issue “African Photographies: Iterations with Difference II” (with contributions by the authors of this blog) is free to access until the end of June 2015!

Social Dynamics: “African Photographies: Iterations with Difference II”

Volume 40, Issue 3 table-of-contents:


A density of texture: reading photography from South, North and West Africa. Louise Green & Kylie Thomas


Fractured compounds: photographing post-apartheid compounds and hostels. Svea Josephy

Photographic portraits of migrants in South Africa: framed between identity photographs and (self-)presentation. Marietta Kesting

Remembrance: the Essop brothers, formative realism and contemporary African photography. Raél Jero Salley

The politics of portrait photographs in southern Nigerian newspapers, 1945–1954. Rouven Kunstmann

A lightness of vision: the poetics of Relation in Malian art photography. Allison Moore


In search of African history: the re-appropriation of photographic archives by contemporary visual artists. Erika Nimis

From myth to history: Ethiopia and Eritrea’s transformations in four photographic works. Marian Nur Goni

The aesthetic and practical fields of excrementality of L’boulevard festival. Moulay Driss El Maarouf

The aftermath of oppression: in search of resolution through family photographs of the forcibly removed of District Six, Cape Town. Siona O’Connell

Book Reviews

The shadow took shape, exhibition catalogue. Portia Malatjie

The Transported of KwaNdebele. Daniel Leers

Rise and fall of apartheid: photography and the bureaucracy of everyday life. Ruth Simbao

See also: “Special Issue: African Photographies: Iterations with Difference I”

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