CFP – Raoul Peck and the Iconography of Lumumba

A two-days bilingual international conference (February 18-19, 2016), organized by the University of Antwerp, [1] with keynote speaker Raoul Peck and Bogumil Jewsiewicki.

This international and interdisciplinary colloquium revolves around the work of renowned filmmaker Raoul Peck [2] and the iconography of Patrice Lumumba in Peck’s films as well as in other arts. The figure of Patrice Lumumba has been oscillating between demonization and beatification. The void between these two opposites has been appropriated by different arts such as painting (Tshibumba, Kalume, Burozi, Tuymans, Bandoma), music (Pitcho, Badi, Baloji, Djubay, Teddy L), photography (Georges Senga, Sammy Baloji), theatre (Césaire), and cinema (Bakupa-Kanyinda, Augustijnen and Peck, amongst others).

‘The future has died with the prophet’, says Raoul Peck in Lumumba, la mort d’un prophète (1992). However, the figure of Lumumba, his unfinished project and the inability to bury his corpse, cast a spectral shadow on the present. Peck and many other artists with him deal with these Spectres by a responsiveness to memory and to the undigested suffering which inscribed itself on Lumumba’s body and Congo’s history.

The colloquium aims at bringing together scholars and artists working on the iconography of Lumumba and/or the cinematographic oeuvre of Raoul Peck. In doing so, we aspire to explore the interface between a film studies approach and the larger scope of disciplines in the realm of postcolonial iconography.

Apart from the academic section, the conference team hopes to host an art exhibition, artist talks and, prior to the conference, a retrospective of Peck’s oeuvre.

Possible topics:
1.    Iconography around Lumumba and Raoul Peck’s critical contribution to it
2.    The influence of French cinema on Peck’s films
3.    Postcolonialism in Peck’s films
4.    Haiti through Peck’s eyes
5.    Peck’s imagination of the impossible image
6.    Peck’s contribution to film production in the global South
7.    Memory and “spectral ghosts” in Lumumba and La mort d’un prophète; hauntology and trauma in Peck’s films
8.    Exile in images
9.    Artistic appropriations of the historical figure of Patrice Lumumba (literature, theatre, music, painting, film, photography…).
10.    Lumumba in the public space.

Please send your abstract (+/- 300 words) and a biography (150 words) in English, Dutch or French to both and before June 17, 2015.


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