“Distance and Desire”: Interview with Tamar Garb in The New Yorker

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Capture d’écran du site du “The New Yorker”, le 14 mai 2013.

Q. & A. with Tamar Garb. By Jessie Wender.

The New Yorker, March 28, 2013.

“What is the subject of the series?

The “Distance and Desire” series juxtaposes historical photography from southern and eastern Africa with the work of African and African-American artists who engage with the ethnographic archive. The exhibition aims to showcase the extraordinary diversity of photographs produced in Africa from the eighteen-sixties to the early twentieth century, and to highlight the different formats and forms of circulation—such as prints, postcards, albums, cartes de visite—that mediate our understanding of these images today. It’s impossible to see these photographs without considering the power relations of European colonialism in Africa—the historical context in which they were produced—and, at the same time, to wonder about the agency and the individuality of the subjects portrayed.”


La suite ici

Universitaire sud-africaine, Tamar Garb est la commissaire de l’exposition en trois volets “Distance and Desire: Encounters with the African Archive” de la Collection Walther à New-York. Elle est aussi l’éditrice de l’ouvrage homonyme.


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